A stiffer, higher performance Onyx from DVO



Experience incredible steering precision, small bump sensitivity, and absolute control with the new Onyx 38. A unique E-Designed chassis, wider-than-ever stance, and burly 38mm stanchions launch the Onyx into a new era of MTB suspension.

New demands require new thinking. The Onyx D1 38 sets a new standard in E-Designed suspension. What does it mean to be specifically E-Designed? For years, the market has taken “acoustic” suspension and made after-thought upgrades in order to make it “E-Approved.” Bumping up compression damping, using a slightly thicker crown, or just saying “Add 10 PSI” isn’t doing it right. E-Designed means we thought about these needs from day one. How can we make a fork flex equally as one unit? How can we achieve unreal steering precision without the harshness or deflection? How can we control the fore and aft flex with the added weight of an e-bike? Questions like these were the foundation, the bones of this concept. After years of engineering, different thinking, and countless hours testing, we nailed it. The final result wasn’t only a fork that met all the requirements and needs of a modern, aggressive E-bike, but it directly translated to a regular bike.

Not only is this the pinnacle of E-Bike suspension, it’s the new standard for suspension.


One Unit Chassis Design

We knew what we wanted to achieve in overall performance, we just needed to understand how to get there. Keeping in mind that e-bikes are heavier, faster, and can cover more ground than “acoustic” bikes, the starting point was creating a chassis structure (steer tube, crown, stanchions, and lowers) all as one component. Learning from decades of design, fully optimizing individual parts for weight tends to create an unequal flex pattern in the fork. A “beefed up” crown mated with a thin-walled pair of stanchions won’t allow the fork to flex properly. Each critical piece of the chassis was designed to work together, as One Unit. Based on our engineering and design efforts, we focused on designing a chassis that was compliant enough to mitigate low & high-frequency vibrations while dispersing the energy waves throughout the entire chassis structure. This delivers unmatched confidence in terms of traction, braking, steering precision, and comfort no matter what kind of bike you are riding.

“The precision of the front wheel, the steering is a massive improvement. I found there is a lot of support, which makes it easy to adjust whenever needed.” – Remy Metailler

Performance Tuned Arch Design

“The steering precision is insane!” One comment we keep hearing over and over from every level of tester. We strategically reinforced and relieved specific areas of the arch for incredible precision without the dreaded deflection or harshness.

Acting as a torsion bar, the arch becomes stiffer as more force is applied. This provides the initial compliance, comfort, and traction without sacrificing control in high-force situations.

“The grip in the corner is unreal, and with this new chassis, it’s a real pleasure to go full gas.” – Karim Amour

Crown Design

The Onyx 38 crown plays a massive role in the way the fork feels. The idea was to stabilize the chassis as the fork flexes in big impact situations. The crown is the connecting interface between the steer tube and the stanchions. This “bridge” needs to be a stable connecting point that offers a uniform flex pattern.

Thicker arms on the crown, an oversized race platform, and strategically variable wall thickness all work together to deliver amazing steering precision while reducing the dreaded “tuning fork” effect.

Key Updates:

• Increased drop for extra downtube clearance on e-bikes and standard bikes. • Strategically variable wall thickness for improved stiffness and strength. • Oversized crown-race platform puts more material around the steer tube. This helps to stabilize the steer in high-load situations and offers a clean look on modern bikes. • Dual Hollow Bore Design keeps weight down and strength up. • Forged aluminum with a sandblasted finish.

D1 Damper

After achieving our performance goals with our chassis design, we had a clear view of how our damper needed to perform. Since the chassis delivered incredibly smooth sliding performance, the upgraded D1 damper became an easy project to undertake. Targeting a wide range of adjustability for various rider weights and abilities while avoiding any compression spiking under high-speed impacts. Starting with computer-generated fluid flow analysis based on real-world trail data, we were able to create a very adjustable damper with zero compression spiking and a predictable rebound characteristic.

Key Updates:

• New High-Flow Linear Compression and Rebound circuit. Increased damping response and support without the high-speed harshness or packing. • New low-friction Trelleborg damper seal provides reduced friction by a whopping 50%. Silky smooth suspension performance during maximum shaft speeds. • Our industry-exclusive Compression Bladder System received a 30% increase in size for increased small bump sensitivity and damping consistency. • A new detent design improves the “clicker feel” for precise adjustments.

SL “Super-Light” Air System

As the reigning champions of small bump sensitivity with our legendary OTT “Off the Top” system, our goal was to create an air negative system with an equal level of comfort and traction. Our new SL air spring was extensively modeled in our computer systems to find the perfect balance between the negative and positive chambers. After countless laps on the trail testing various volumes and bleed port locations, we nailed a setting that offered incredible small bump sensitivity, no mid-stroke hammock, and adjustable end-stroke progression.

“The steering is incredible, something I’ve never felt before in a fork. You look where you want to go, and you go. There’s no hesitation, no deflecting. It feels directly connected to you.” – Bryson Jr

Floating Axle System

A design cue taken from our Emerald Inverted fork, a floating axle offers perfect alignment of the uppers and lowers. This takes up any imperfections in hub fitment that could cause the legs to pinch together, resulting in stiction and harshness.

The ONYX 38 is the most advanced mountain bike fork on the market, and we are confident that it has just set the bar for years to come. Available Late October in 3 colors. For more info, visit https://dvosuspension.com/product/onyx-d1-38/

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