DVO releases its highest performing and most adjustable shocks ever


We are excited to officially introduce Prime; the highest performing and most adjustable shock
damper in our lineup.

For the rider that needs a bit more than a set-it-and-forget-it platform, our new Prime series
features external, tool-free, high and low-speed compression adjustments that give you full
control over the feel of your shock. It’s an all new system meticulously tuned to offer incredible
adjustment range and control.

From professional enduro race victories, to local PR conquests, the new Prime damper excels
across all disciplines and terrains. Enduro, trail, and e-bikes alike benefit from the controlled
nature and maximum adjustability of Prime’s optimized damping circuit.

Maximum Adjustability:
The Prime circuits wide-range compression damping adjustments deliver control and
confidence via a simple tool-free setup.

Low-speed compression adjustment.
6-clicks of externally adjustable LSC has been designed to work most effectively at speeds
from 1-500mm per second. This gives the rider stability while simultaneously delivering ample
plushness and traction.



High-speed compression adjustment
10-clicks of HSC adjustment allows you to quickly and easily dial-in the perfect amount of
control for countering sudden g-outs, square-edge hits, and deep landings. Our new HSC
circuit is designed to be most effective at speeds greater than 500mm per second. Our new
piston and shim stack work in tandem to move increased oil velocities with zero hydro-lock,
allowing the system to react quickly to rapidly ever-changing trail conditions.

Air and Coil Options:
Available in Topaz air or Jade X coil platforms, the new DVO Prime models are engineered to
enhance your on-trail experience across the widest range of conditions.

The Topaz air series delivers a highly adjustable air platform, capable of delivering small bump
suppleness and traction, big impact control, and the ability to easily adjust both the positive
and negative air volumes.

The Jade X coil shocks offer the sensitivity, versatility, and durability of a coil platform, with
both LS and Pro Rate springs available to meet the demands of the widest range of bikes and
riding styles.

Performance Updates:
New for CY24, DVO’s unique adjustable air bladder system has been completely refined with
an updated bladder material, end cap seal, and valve core. These changes allow for a wider
range of adjustability and less pressure in the system, which in turn increases durability and
reduces pressure loss. This allows riders to easily fine-tune their desired level of support across
the entire travel range.

Both the Topaz and Jade X series benefit from updated bushings, engineered to aid in the
event of side-loads from frame flex, resulting in a smother stroke and increased durability. In
addition, the Topaz series receives an updated and oversized seal head and inner shaft,
designed to further enhance performance and durability.


Learn more at www.dvosuspension.com

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