Iconic mountain bike pioneer will head up design, bringing unique vision and ability to blend form with function back to renowned brand



San Diego, CA – January 24, 2022 – Ellsworth Cycling, LLC (dba “Ellsworth Bikes”) a premium manufacturer of legendary mountain bikes for over 30 years, announced today that it has successfully completed a partnership agreement with Tony Ellsworth, bringing the Founder back as an equal partner in the new company.

Here’s one of the bikes currently on the Ellsworth website.

The agreement, signed by Ellsworth CEO, Rudi Pienaar and Tony Ellsworth, is another step forward in building a bright and sustainable future for Ellsworth Bikes. The agreement appoints Tony as Chief Designer Officer of Ellsworth and is intended to capitalize on Tony’s impressive track-record of innovation and design with the company, including many which have been internationally patented and licensed to other brands over the years. The Ellsworth brand will continue to focus on the design and manufacture of top-tier mountain bikes, with an added focus on bringing selected manufacturing back to the USA for future models.

“I am delighted to announce the agreement and to have Tony on board,” says Pienaar. “Ellsworth’s history of innovation is important to us, and having the founder of the company back in the design seat just feels right. Tony and I share a love of cycling, design and the Ellsworth brand. Most importantly, we agree on the manner in which Ellsworth should be run and operated for a sustainable business partnership, something which is key to the success of the company.”

Ellsworth – who is also currently employing his legendary talents to his new e-mobility brand The Ride Bikes – is thrilled to be back with his legacy brand, and he shares Pienaar’s sense of symbiosis with all involved. “I have had a heart full of consternation for what happened to the brand over the last seven years of failed merger and acquisition activities,” Ellsworth says. “I’ve spent unquantifiable brain cycles on where I’d channel my love for MTB’s, which is what drives my design energies.  

“When Rudi and I met, I was brutally transparent about my concerns about putting my energies into something that didn’t have sound foundations regarding a clear and transparent partnership operating agreement for what happens to a brand with my name on it. As we took time learning about each other’s experience, vision and values, it became natural and easy to lay that foundation. The excitement about customer experience, great products and re-shoring manufacturing fueled the desire to be partners. I’m truly excited to be where we are today and for the future.”


About Ellsworth: Founded by Tony Ellsworth in 1991, with a heritage centered around the mountain bike culture that developed in Southern California in the late 80s, and desire to build bikes in America with the highest level of American content.  Renowned for their ride quality, Ellsworth is known for its uncompromised full suspension mountain bikes that provide more Traction, Control and Efficiency which translates into a riding experience like no other.

For more information, please visit www.ellsworthbikes.com



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