A great all-around helmet that checks all the boxes except for one


Tech features:

There are so many systems of safety thrown into helmets these days and it’s nice to see. Endura uses a mix of these systems in their MT500 MIPS helmet to make sure it can take the hits and keep its wearers safe. Koroyd is a 3D-formed insert that makes up the inner lining of the helmet under the external layer of foam and is designed to crumple on impact and absorb energy that might normally cause injury.

They’ve also included MIPS technology in this helmet, which is designed to allow the helmet to rotate slightly around the head in the case of a crash to keep rotational forces from causing additional brain or neck damage. Aside from these key protective features, this helmet is designed with a number of vents to help it breathe, a removable visor, removable padding and a clip-in GoPro or light mount. The helmet comes in several colors and three sizes.

Field test results:

Of the many helmets we’ve tested over the years, we feel the Endura MT500 fits more comfortably than a vast majority of the others. It felt like it was hugging our heads once adjusted correctly, which brought a great sense of security.

While riding, we noticed that the air vents didn’t seem to be quite sufficient in spreading cool air to the rider’s head specifically towards the front, and we found ourselves sweating a little more than we would wearing other helmets. This was the only discomfort we felt while wearing this helmet, and we felt the comfortable fit and secure feeling when wearing the helmet almost canceled out the ventilation issue.

Test riders also liked how the helmet looked while wearing it, as it wasn’t so big that it felt bulky but had sufficient surface area to protect a wider area of the head as we might want from the more aggressive all-mountain or trail helmet it is categorized as. We also liked the option of the accessory clip to mount a GoPro or light, which is well placed in the center of the helmet to keep the balance when an accessory is mounted. It was a great helmet for those early-morning summer excursions or when riding in the spring or fall, but we wouldn’t choose it for a midday summer ride.


• Comfortable fit
• Sleek design
• Secure feel


• Average ventilation
• Heavy


Weight: 427 grams
Price: $240
Contact: www.endurasport.com

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