Esker Cycles Launches New Bike Brand and Full-Suspension Design

Esker Cycles has announced the release of their new rider-centered bike brand and flagship full-suspension bike model using a patented suspension design platform created by Dave Weagle.

Centered on the philosophy that the rider is the most important part of the process, the Esker brand is a fusion of the rider-owned dedication of passionate mountain bikers, the cumulative experience of industry veterans, and the desire to challenge traditional methods in order to make top-tier products available to anyone and everyone who wants to get out and ride. From the people who built the company, to the design and build of their bikes and emphasis on the user—rider owned and rider centered is who they are.

“Our small team has more than 100 years of collective experience in the bicycle industry, and every single one of us rides. We put the needs of our riders first because at the end of the day, we are all here to ride bikes,” said Esker president,Tim Krueger.

Esker’s flagship model, Elkat, is a carbon fiber, 150mm travel, 27.5” mountain bike. Elkat was designed and built in the pursuit of performance across the board and expands on the range of mountain bike capability. The modern design of Elkat’s geometry and Orion suspension platform will make you excited to pin it up the hills, and even more fired up to rip down the other side.

The Esker Elkat will be the first market player using Dave Weagle’s patented Orion™ suspension platform. Orion is the latest in a long line of his history-defining suspension platforms. The Orion design provides an efficient and stable pedaling response on both smooth terrain and in the rough, and without even a hint of pedal feedback. Optimized for single-chainring big-range drivetrains, its two short links work in concert to provide controlled lateral stiffness and keep braking forces in check.

“The Elkat project was about creating a high-quality bike that someone could ride hard for as long as they want, and know that it would stand up. I aim to create bikes that reflect my desire to ride any trail, anywhere, and know that they will be fully capable,” said Esker engineer Anders Broste.

Elkat’s progressive geometry and Orion kinematics deliver responsive small bump compliance, quick cornering, and stability at speed. Esker considers their first release to be a fully capable mountain bike that can be built to suit the needs of a given rider. Whether it’s on a rolling trail ride or a rough enduro stage, Elkat’s smooth and confident platform has the ability to take an individual’s riding to the next level.

“This project was about taking the opportunity to enter the bicycle world with a fresh perspective and a clean slate, creating a design aesthetic that will encourage someone to stop and ask what it is, opening up a conversation that ultimately leads to riding one,” says Esker designer Jason Ness. “With Elkat, if you like how it looks, you’ll love how it rides.”

Esker is more than just a bike company; they are a group of riders and like-minded individuals that aim to think differently and encourage a broader, more inclusive cycling community. Esker was built from the ground up to deliver new ideas and exists to influence the future of cycling in a positive manner—not just in the products that they build, but in the way that they think about the sport and the community. As a brand, and a collection of riders, Esker seeks to inspire and encourage anyone with the desire to climb onto a bike and enjoy the ride.

The rider-centered foundation will reach all aspects of the brand—from nationwide bike demos, to their class-leading warranty, to the sales method of working directly with riders. Esker will primarily be working with riders with the intention of easing the barriers to entry and delivering the best possible version of their products, but will also be working with a limited group of national retailers that can offer the same level of service closer to home.

Complete bikes are assembled-to-order in the USA, and buyers have a wide variety of options to choose from to tailor their build directly to their riding style, terrain, and budget. Elkat models start at $3,000 for the frame kit, including rear axle, seat collar, custom-tuned Fox DPS rear shock, headset, spare derailleur hanger, and pivot service tools. Esker base-level complete bikes start at $4,000 for a solid, top-performing build. Beyond that, the brand will offer an assortment of upgrade options to build anyone’s dream bike, with every component available having been thoroughly tested by the Esker team to give riders the best possible experience.

Esker will have Elkat demo models available to ride at consumer demo events throughout late summer and fall with the goal of delivering bikes by December. At launch, Esker is offering reservations for riders interested in guaranteeing themselves an Elkat frameset or complete bikeas soon as they become available. Elkat reservations will be $500 and come with immediate delivery of an Esker hat, t-shirt, and custom High Above + Esker collaboration hip pack. The full price of each reservation will go toward the purchase of an Elkat.

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