Great ride quality if you can find them.


Tech features:

Evil builds its Loopholes rims in America from Fusion Fiber, a 100-percent recyclable, long-chain polymer composite material. Evil claims Loopholes feature a 20-percent improvement in impact resistance over comparable carbon fiber rims and ride quieter, too.

Reinforced spoke bosses are said to feature a greater than 950-pound pull-through force. Evil says this is a 15-percent improvement over non-reinforced spoke faces. The rims are powdercoated, and their decals are removable, as well as offered in a wide variety of colors for a custom look.


Evil utilizes Industry Nine Hydra hubs and laces the wheels in a 3X rear pattern for strength and 2X in front for compliance. The caps on their alloy valve stems feature integrated valve core tools, and the wheels come with a lifetime warranty for the original owner.

Field test results:

We have ridden these wheels on our Evil Offering test bike and spent over a year on a separate set. In both cases, test riders came away thoroughly impressed with the overall ride quality of these wheels. Evil’s website pushes the message of superior ride quality, and we have to say this is more than marketing hype. The Loopholes may be the best riding carbon wheels we have tested. They seem to strike that perfect balance between handling precision and compliance.

In every case, the bike became quieter and more planted-feeling with these wheels on it. This included enduro-focused ebikes. They are not particularly light, hitting the scales in the same range as similar aluminum wheels, so acceleration is on par, but their ride feel is generally superior.

Tires mounted easily, and everything worked as it should until it didn’t. We broke a rear rim. It cracked when we over-jumped a very small double-jump landing out on the flat. We couldn’t find a rock or any sort of debris that could cause such a thing. It seemed totally random. The rim cracked at its outer lip and into the top, but the rim bed was still intact, and so was the tire’s seal.


Not wanting to upset the flow of the weekend, we continued to ride the cracked rim for three days, including some bike-park action, without any issues. Evil quickly supplied a replacement wheel that served us well throughout the rest of the season. Even with the mid-test snag, these wheels became a wrecking crew favorite because of their ride feel.

Unfortunatly, Evil is no longer selling these wheels but they do still list them on their European website so you might find a set there. A quick call to their customer service line revealed that they are still supporting warranty claims and that the rims were made by Forge+Bond.  Forge+Bond carbon wheels are also being spec’d on Evil’s high end builds now. We have not tested them yet but suspect that have a similarly good ride quality to them as the Loopholes.


• Above-average ride feel
• Great hubs
• Replaceable color-matched graphics
• Excellent warranty support


• We broke a rim


Weight: 1,937 grams
Price: $2,200
Contact: www.evil-bikes.com




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