Fabio Wibmer’s New Magura MT5 Limited Edition Brakes


The YouTube star and Magura athlete now has a signature brake.

By Magura

The new MAGURA MT5 Limited Edition brake by Fabio Wibmer offers everything that mountain bikers need to fine-tune their riding skills. The powerful 4-piston brake calipers provide power and heat resistance – and the ergonomic HC 1-finger lever blade offers precise control.

Beginning with the proven foundation of MAGURA’s powerful 4-piston brake caliper, Fabio Wibmer then set forth to design a brake fitting of his demanding standards and style. Just like the MT5 it’s based on, Fabios brake is built for power and control and embodies the MAGURA slogan #whostopsyou – let nothing stop you from achieving your goals, not even failed attempts.

The Fabio Wibmer MT5 Limited Edition is available for an MSRP of $349 per set, not including rotors. The attractive price point assures that there are still enough funds leftover for a bike park visit or planning future riding trips with friends.

Limited edition of 2,000 sets will be available the first week…

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