Lightweight protection from the elements that packs down small



Tech features:

Building off the momentum and feedback from the Statement windbreaker, Fasthouse designed the Tracker packable windbreaker to be a lightweight and breathable full-zip riding shell. It stays true to the brand’s ethos, with a modern and minimalist design that is suitable for a wide range of variable weather conditions.

It is made of a high-quality and durable water-repellent fabric that keeps wind and light rain away, while the upper-back venting lets body heat escape and allows for light airflow to keep you comfortable. Although there isn’t a hood, the waist does cinch down to keep mud and moisture out of your torso. The entire shell packs down into the pocket on the lower back and can easily be stored in a waist pack when you need to shed a layer.

The Tracker is also available in light gray

Field test results:

The Tracker Windbreaker offers a very comfortable and light fit that doesn’t restrict you at all, and there were no snag points that we noticed. It breathes well as your body heat rises, although it can be a tad stifling if the humidity is on the higher end. On the downhills, we often forgot that we were even wearing a jacket due to the lightweight and unrestricted nature of the shell.

When things got too warm and we needed to get rid of a layer, it packed down easily and was able to be stuffed into our pack without a worry. This windbreaker is perfect for any rider who regularly rides in mild variable weather conditions or where light rain is common.


• Very lightweight and unrestrictive
• Easily packs down
• Vent on the upper back provides good airflow


• Can be warm in humid weather
• You will get wet in heavier or sustained rain


Price: $70


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