The next generation Diamond for the rough



The Diamond series has always been our most versatile, go-to fork for anyone to just mount up and ride. It has a forgiving feel that’s comfortable and compliant, but also has the response and control when pushed. Designed for those who have an aggressive trail bike or lightweight e-bike and looking for a little more oomph from the front-end. It’s the missing link if you’re lacking comfort, traction, or reaching the limit of your current setup.

A full gamut of upgrades make this generation Diamond shine brighter than ever before. Upgraded with a robust 36mm chassis to deliver exceptional control in rough sections, a redesigned crown with increased knob clearance, our industry leading SL air spring, remastered D1 damper, and an all new 3D machining process for incredible alignment and that buttery smooth feel, it is safe to say the Diamond got quite the facelift. Versatility, precision, and comfort to get you the most out of every kind of trail is what you can expect day in and day out.


Redesigned Crown

The crown has been completely redesigned, with a generous amount of material added that creates a noticeable increase in steering precision. The drop, as we know it, or the distance from the crown race seat (platform of which the lower bearings of headset sits) to the compression and air valve knobs has been increased by 24% for better downtube clearance and an improved turning radius.


D1 Damper

Our new and improved D1 system offers a 22% increase in bladder volume which gives you that small bump comfort you’re always after, while combating any cavitation (inconsistent damping) and spiking at high speeds. On the compression side, we’ve improved the feel on high-speed hits by reducing progression in the damper system. Think of it as the wheel getting out of the way when you hit a square edge or rock instead of pushing back with resistance and causing harshness.



The updated rebound design reduces damping force at high-speeds, allowing the fork to recover quicker after being deep in the travel. Rough sections of the trail will feel easier and more controlled, especially in a corner entry where there is roughness, chop, or braking bumps. The “edge of tire” traction is improved and the front of your bike will have a more free feeling when pulling up on the bars.


SL Air Spring

These types of dual air-on-air springs have been around for a while it’s not anything new. We’ve designed prototypes of this kind of system in the past but never found the magic recipe that could go head to head with our OTT “Off the Top” system. Our engineering team really found something special on this new SL air system that offers an exceptional balance of comfort and support while still having a truly unique feel compared to other similar systems. The front to back pitching of your bike under braking is controlled while offering incredible small bump comfort and traction in corners and rough sections.


Friction Reduction

The feel of a fork effortlessly going through the stroke with the slightest hand pressure, is what all of us are after. It’s the showroom feel that instantly gets you stoked to ride. We’ve implemented a new 3D machining process that gets us consistently closer to that than we’ve ever been. This dependably tightens the tolerances in the bushing areas and dropouts making every fork buttery smooth. An all new design and material drastically reduces friction while maintaining durability.

It’s the smoothest Diamond we’ve ever made.


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