New lightweight carbon and aluminum race wheel systems straight out of Italy

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Reactivity and strength are the key words of Fulcrum’s return to the MTB arena. These two concepts have guided the development of the new Red Zone Carbon, a wheel that can handle challenging off-road terrain for demanding riders.

Red Zone Carbon is the result of a long research and development process involving all elements of a wheel. From the individual rims, hubs and spokes, to most importantly, the wheel as a whole, Fulcrum has created a system that meets the demands of high-level bikers. Lightness and reactivity on one hand, for maximum performance uphill, and a high level of vertical absorption and resistance on the other, for the peace of mind of riders who want to abandon themselves to the adrenaline of heading downhill with confidence.

Red Zone Carbon is Fulcrum’s new formula for modern MTB use, with all our experience distilled in each component. A functional and unique design is married with a new matt finish straight from the mould (DIMF), with all the specifications that a rider expects from an XC/Marathon or Down Country wheel: inner rim width of 28 mm, light and extremely smooth rolling rim in a wheel fully-produced in Europe, with the majority of parts manufactured in Italy.

Nip(ple)Force | Asymmetry Reinvented.

The new NipForce (Short for Nipple Force) asymmetric profile is one of the most evident key technologies of this wheel.
The main advantage of this solution is a wheel that provides a homogenous, uniform and reliable feel, as well as greater resistance to lateral stresses. This is achieved with a double asymmetry of 6 mm, which alternates at every spoke with one of 3.5 mm.

The first is designed to optimize the dish of the spokes on the side that is most affected by the torsional stresses (disc side on the front and freewheel on the rear), to rebalance the tensions of the spokes and achieve a similar angle of the spokes on the right and left side.

The second, on the opposite side, is used to achieve a spoke pull that passes as close as possible to the center of the geometric section. For large channels, such as those found on MTB wheels, excessive asymmetries can render the forces applied (spoke pull) misaligned in relation to the geometric center of the section, generating a rotation moment that stresses the structure of the carbon. This second asymmetry is therefore specifically designed to decrease this twisting moment typical of asymmetric MTB rims.

Another advantage of the NipForce technology is that it improves the overall resistance of the wheel by positioning the nipple hole in the most resistant point of the rim, which is on the tip of the profile.

Perfect Profile | Stiffness and Compliance.

The design of the rim has been studied to maximize the balance between the opposing forces of lateral stiffness and vertical absorption, which are the key characteristics for a high-level MTB wheel, but which are not always compatible with each other. Finding the right balance between these aspects required as much laboratory testing as field testing, to reach the final result from over 12 different prototypes tested.

The rim design is completed with a profile height of 26 mm and an inner rim width of 28 mm, hookless: the ideal formula for tires between 2.2” and 2.4”. The inner channel doesn’t have any spoke holes on the bridge (MoMAG technology) to guarantee an immediate, secure and comfortable tubeless use, as well as resulting in a stronger structure compared to a drilled rim.

Solid Architecture | Structural Excellence.

Thanks to the double asymmetry of the rim (flipped front and rear), which uses 1.6 mm butted spokes (24 front and 28 rear), the overall architecture of the Red Zone carbon has been designed to provide a perfect ride feel and reliability on the most difficult terrain.

In order to achieve the best possible seating for the spokes and maximize the bending resistance, the conical hubs have the flanges sunk into the body. The flanges are also geometrically linked so that all the spokes are the same length, resulting in fewer spare parts. The hubs are finished with our refined cup & cone system that guarantees a high level of smoothness.

With a total weight of 1,445 grams, the Red Zone Carbon are the perfect wheels for advanced and demanding riders, who look for performance uphill whilst wanting to enjoy the downhill fun on rough terrains that you can only find on a mountain bike. You will be able to fulfil that need to seize every possibility without having any limits in your experience in contact with the natural elements.


Fulcrum’s second MTB wheel is the result of the experience learned in the development of the Red Zone Carbon. It is designed for a wider range of riders looking for a tough and reliable product for off-road fun and performance.

Amongst the technical specifications derived directly from its older sibling, we find the hubs and the spoke count of 24 on the front and 28 on the rear. The CNC machined aluminum rim has a profile of 19 mm and an inner rim width of 25 mm.

The wheel is completed with an advanced finish that marries a double polished-matt surface with laser-etched graphics. The Fulcrum logo can be found inside a red box that can also be replaced with a reflective adhesive, black on black, included with the wheels.

The Red Zone 3 are an all-purpose wheel, which is extremely versatile and suited to multiple uses: training wheels, sturdy race wheels or the perfect base for adventure bikes (gravel bikes with Boost spacing).

Both Red Zone wheels are available to order straight away from all Fulcrum stores and will shortly be available on all sales channels. For more information visit

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