FIRST LOOK: GT Force Carbon

GT's Force gets revamped with a new high pivot suspension design.


GT’s new Force is yet another on a growing list of mountain bikes to adopt a high pivot suspension design. Dubbed High Pivot LTS Suspension, it is effectively a 160mm travel four bar horst link style design with a high pivot and idler for neutral pedaling. Although the bikes come standard with air shocks, it is also approved for coil over shock use thanks to its shock rate and rocker style linkage.

Compared to the old bike, GT claims the new suspension design has a more rearward axle path for improved bump absorption, increased anti-squat for better pedaling, and more anit-rise to keep the rear and lower under hard braking. A longer shock stroke and reduced leverage ratio is claimed to create a more constant rate at initial travel for improved “pump-ability”.

Formerly offered in 27.5” and 29” wheel sizes, the new Force is 29” wheel only because GT found that two 29” wheels were the optimal wheel pairing to maximize performance of the bike.

Chainstay length is now adjustable via a rear dropout flip chip for plus or minus 10mm. A new ribbed chainstay guard and integrated chain guide called Ruckus Management is designed to keep things quiet and on track. Cables are routed internally via a tube in tube system for clean looks and quick builds. GT claims integrated frame storage but really means an area inside the seat mast triangle to secure items.

The Force will be offered as three complete bikes and a frameset ranging in price from $6,000 to $3,300. We will be taking delivery of a test bike soon so keep an eye out for a long term review in an upcoming issue of Mountain Bike Action.



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