Time to LAUNCH with Niner's new RKT 9 RDO

Niner Bikes has given the RKT 9 RDO a facelift, and boy does it look good. Aside from the sleek new look, Niner has updated the RKT 9 on the finer points of geometry as well. It has been given a 2-degree slacker headtube angle, a steeper seat-tube angle, a slightly longer wheelbase,  and, most notably, a flip-chip for even more geo adjustments.

Niner uses their patented CVA suspension linkage to get 100mm out of this new RKT 9 RDO. With “Race-tuned” linkage and suspension with remote lockouts, it’s obvious Niner is emphasizing performance and speed. They’ve also left room for a dropper post for those extra gnarly race tracks or some heavier trail riding.

The frame has room for 2 full-size water bottles, one inside the frame, and the other on the underside of the downtube. There are also threaded tabs to be able to mount a small bag on the top tube just behind the head tube for snacks or tools.

Of course Niner’s signature, “Pedal Damnit” graces the top tube.

This bike will be offered in multiple build options from their 2-star SRAM SX Eagle build, to their 5-star SRAM X01 EAGLE AXS LTD build. They will range in size from XS to XL and we are as of now unsure of what the price point will be.


Niner says they are expecting frames and build kits to ship by September 2022.


The foundation of Niner Bikes has always been about maximizing the speed, efficiency, and precision that 29-inch wheels offer. Nowhere is this better expressed than in the newly redesigned RKT 9 RDO. Now ready for liftoff, this all-new launch vehicle is our line-leading cross-country full suspension bike.

Updated with Niner’s patented 100mm CVA suspension system, remote front and rear lockouts, contemporary race-ready geometry, and our signature RDO carbon fiber, the newest iteration of our RKT 9 RDO packs efficient pedaling prowess and corner carving capability into a World Cup worthy package

Designing the RKT 9 RDO, our product team deliberately focused first on race features. The frame is light and stiff, thanks to Niner’s RDO carbon fiber construction. The frame is made with a no-frills focus for fast flights into orbit. The geometry is aggressive and agile, for quick course corrections at escape velocity speeds. And the suspension travel is short and efficient, with handlebar remote lockout for instant, extra rocket booster power if needed.

Yet, we all know that not all space missions are made in the name of science. For those riders who focus instead on fun laps into low-earth orbit, the updated RKT 9 RDO is built for versatility and a playful, trail-friendly attitude.

Responding to many riders’ requests for capability in the face of any feature, and also accommodating the technical demands of modern cross-country racecourses, a geometry flip chip allows for more relaxed frame angles. Clearance to fit wide, 2.5” tires and a 120mm suspension fork expands the universe of possibilities. The seat tube fits a dropper post, and the long, low-slung frame is made for stability at atmospheric reentry speed.

The new RKT 9 RDO is available in two colors: Blood Red/Silver and Nude Carbon/Silver.

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Niner Bikes was founded in 2005 on the premise, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” We are a passionate group of off-road cyclists building bicycles with impeccable design and exquisite ride qualities.  We believe off-road cycling can co-exist with other forms of recreation and support those who are committed to advocating for trail access.


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