First Look: SRAM’s X01 DH Drivetrain

Following the overwhelming success of the XX1 and X01, SRAM has adapted the core technologies of those 1X groups to create a downhill-specific drivetrain: X01 DH. The biggest departure from SRAM’s existing 1×11-speed groups is the move to a 7-speed configuration to better meet the needs of today’s downhill racers.

X01 DH X-Horizon Rear Derailleur
The changes from X01’s 11-speed rear derailleur are minimal to say the least. Reconfigured limit screws restrict movement to seven cogs and the cage length is adjusted for the tighter spread of gears. The X01 DH 7-speed derailleur is available in either short- or medium-cage options, with the proper cage-length for a given bike being determined by the chain-growth of the suspension system. For most downhill bikes, a medium cage is the safe bet, but a short cage will work on systems with less chain-growth, as well as slope and hardtail jump bikes.

X01 DH 10-Speed Setup
Realizing that there are tons of standard X0, 1×10 drivetrains in liftlines all across the world, SRAM is also offering a 10-speed version of their X01 DH X-Horizon derailleur which is compatible with current X0 10-speed shifters. It will work with SRAM’s road cassettes currently used for downhill with a range up to 28-teeth.


  • High performance shifting engineered for DH bikes
  • Optimized gearing for DH
  • Lightest crank, lightest cassette, lightest shifter, lightest group
  • Better overall system durability 
  • All X0 DH cranks get upgraded to X01 DH cranks with X-SYNC? rings
  • Based on our 1X? philosophy of a dedicated system, X-SYNC?, X-HORIZON?, X-ACTUATION?
  • 10-tooth cog allows smaller rings for more ground clearance


  • X01 DH X-SYNC Carbon Crank
  • SRAM xg-1070 10-Speed Cassette
  • X01 DH X-HORIZON 10-Speed RD – NEW
  • X0 10-Speed Trigger Shifter
  • X0 10-Speed Grip Shift
  • SRAM pc-1091 10-Speed Chain

X01 DH X-Sync Carbon Crank

While the crankarms themselves are unchanged from standard X0, the addition of X-Sync chainrings helps keep the chain from derailling. As a bonus, the X-Sync chainrings are also compatible with X0’s ten speed chain, so downhill riders on a current X0, 1×10 drivetrain can upgrade. 


  • Carbon DH racing crank
  • Lightest in class carbon construction
  • High strength alloy pedal lug
  • 7075 CNC alloy single ring, 94 BCD, 30, 32, 34, 36, or 38 teeth
  • Compatible with SRAM 1X? 7- and 10-speed DH drivetrains
  • X-SYNC? tall, square tooth design provides maximum chain control 
  • Sharp, narrow tooth profile and rounded chamfer edges help manage a deflected chain
  • 30-, 32-, 34-, 36-, or 38-tooth single ring
  • X-SYNC? technology for all 10- and 11-speed systems, as well as new 7-speed systems
  • CNC machined 7075, two- tone anodize 
  • Mud-clearing recesses for the inner chain links and rollers 
  • An integral component of the SRAM 1X? drivetrain 

XG-795 X01 DH Mini Block 7-speed Cassette
Due to the higher speeds of downhill, racers have been using road cassettes for years. However, the needs of a roadie and downhill rider are vastly different. Road cyclists are interested in tight gear ratios and incremental gearing steps to achieve an optimal pedaling cadence, while downhillers are interested in accelerating and decelerating as hard as possible and grabbing gears in a hurry. The Mini Block cassette uses a similar gear range to a traditional road cassette, but with fewer individual gears, meaning bigger steps between gears (2-teeth in most cases). This allows downhill racers to not only accelerate faster by getting to taller gears more rapidly, but also allows them to shift less, allowing them to keep putting the power to the pedals. 

The Mini Block cassette is a one-piece unit which mounts to the same XD driver as XX1 and X0, uses the same spacing between gears and also uses the same XX1 chain. To take up the extra space left from the four absent gears, SRAM built in a spoke guard with a tapered back edge.


  • Larger jumps between gears eliminate the need for double/triple shifts to get in the gear you want. (10-12-14-16-18-21-24)
  • Less cogs allow faster transition from starting gear to high gear. Half as many shifts to get from 24-10 versus a normal 10-speed 26-11
  • Larger gear range, 10-tooth cog opens up high end and allows smaller rings for ground clearance
  • Lightest production cassette available. 
  • More rear wheel clearance around spokes
  • 2-tooth steps are safer in shifting than 1-tooth steps under big loads
  • Currently fits any XD? compatible wheel and driver body

X01 DH 7-Speed Trigger Shifter 


  • SRAM 1X? X-ACTUATION? for precise and dependable 7-speed performance
  • Multi-adjustable trigger shifter
  • MatchMaker? X compatible
  • ZERO LOSS? Engagement for fastest shifting
  • Aluminum cover and adjustable forged aluminum pull lever
  • Includes discrete clamp

Riding X01 DH
We recently spent a week with SRAM in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand riding the new X01 DH group on a variety of tracks?from bike park flow to steep and rough. Look for a full-write up from the trip in Mountain Bike Action Magazine.

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