WTB revamps Vigilante and Verdict tread designs while expanding SG2 across the line

New Vigilante tread design

WTB has updated two of its most popular enduro tires – the Vigilante 2.5 and Verdict 2.5. These already great loose-condition tires get even better with new knob shaping and redesigned siping to reduce knob flex, increase cornering support and extend tread life. Tread profiles also feature a smoother transition from center to side knobs for better cornering predictability. WTB claims improved overall performance and capability in mid-summer dust to late-winter mud thanks to the new and improved tread designs.

New Verdict tread design

The other big update to WTB’s mountain bike tire line is the addition of SG2 puncture protection to all TCS Light single-ply mountain tires. This bead-to-bead lightweight nylon layer defends against puncture and pinch flats. It also provides improved sidewall stability and overall tire support without the weight associated with WTB’s Tough dual-ply casing.

SG2 replaces Slash Guard in all of WTB’s mountain bike tires. WTB’s third-party lab testing showed bead-to-bead SG2 provides 80% more sidewall protection than traditional single-ply tires without SG2. There is also a 10-20% weight reduction (depending on tire width), and improved overall suppleness compared to previous TCS Light tires with Slash Guard. All SG2 mountain bike tires feature a 60tpi casing except for the Ranger 2.25 that’s paired to an even lighter 120tpi casing.

According to WTB, flat nylon fibers within SG2 reduce the amount of rubber needed to fill the gaps between fibers compared to traditional protection layers with round fibers. The increased fiber-to-rubber ratio boosts puncture resistance while the reduced rubber content minimizes weight and improves suppleness compared to its Tough casings. Tightly woven nylon fibers are also claimed to improve air retention, which prevents air from seeping through the sidewall and helps maintain pressure between rides.

WTB mountain tires with SG2 puncture protection start at a retail price of $76.95. These updated WTB tires will be in shops and online at in the coming months. Look for long-term tests on these tires in an upcoming issue of Mountain Bike Action.

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