Wolf Tooth’s new 6-bit multi tool comes with six hex bits stored inside the handle. The wrench features a ball detented swivel head that has the feel of a serious shop tool, rather than a small multi tool. The storage is one of the trickiest features, and is designed to hook to a belt loop or keychain for those who like to have a multi-tool on or off the bike for everyday-carry needs. Retail price is $47.99, it’s availble in lots of colors, and it can be purchased from
The 6-Bit is locked shut while the keyring is attached, which prevents it from opening while you’re on the go. Then when you need to use the multi-tool, press the end of the keyring attachment to detach it from your keyring. When you’re done using it, close the handles and click it back onto the keyring attachment to lock it shut once again. The handles also have a magnetic closure to keep it closed when the keyring attachment is not connected.
The new Axle Handle multi tool is another clever place to store tools, and is designed to fit inside any rear axle with threads or an o-ring to keep it in place.
The removable bit holds a 5/6 wrench most of the time, but there are two stealthy hidden bits inside the handle that can be swapped in its place, giving the rider more bit options.



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