First Ride: Fasst Company Flexx MTB Handlebars

First Ride: Fasst Company Flexx MTB Handlebars
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Fasst Company is a brand best known for their innovative off-road motorcycle and ATV handlebars. Flexx handlebars, as the company calls them, are designed with elastomer dampers designed to help the bars do exactly what the name implies, flex. While flex generally isn’t a positive attribute for mountain bikes, especially in a world where stiffer is always advertised as better, Fasst decided it was time to take what they learned from the motorcycle industry and bring that technology to mountain bikes. The all-new Flexx MTB handlebars are designed to reduce vibration and help absorb shock, allowing riders to focus on the trails instead of their numb hands or burning forearms. We reached out to Fasst so we could try the Flexx bars on our home trails. After just one ride we have already formulated a few opinions, but stay tuned as we plan to give you the full rundown in an upcoming issue of Mountain Bike Action.

Fasst Flexx bars are made in the USA, using carbon fiber, 7075 aluminum and titanium. These handlebars actually surprised us as soon as we picked them up. Although they are not as light as traditional handlebars, they are fairly lightweight considering they provide extra suspension. Fasst states these bars will only add 100 grams to your ride. Fasst offers three different types of compression and rebound elastomers. The red elastomers are the softest; the yellow, which came preinstalled, have medium damping, and the orange ones are the stiffest.

  We mounted the handlebar to our bike and left the yellow elastomers in for our first ride. During the installation, we noticed the bars lacked markings, which made aligning the bars slightly more difficult than usual. Out on the trail we quickly forgot about the Flexx bars. They made zero noise, and when pedaling out of the saddle, they had a stiff traditional feel. Once we hit our first descent, however, the Flexx bars quickly became noticeable. Trails that would normally fatigue our hands felt smoother than ever before. In the corners, the bars felt stiff,  and not once did our tester ever state that the bars were too flexy. Keep in mind, however, we tested the Flexx bars in the medium setting. Fasst claims you can mix and match compression and rebound elastomers. This means there are multiple tuning options to choose from, and if you’re having trouble finding the best setting for you, Fasst encourages customers to call in for recommendations.

Retail: $500

Rise: 25mm

Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm

Weight: 430grams

Width: 800mm

Upsweep: 5 degrees

Back sweep: 8 degrees

Effective suspension travel: 5 degrees, length of bar dictates overall travel.

Materials: American-made UD carbon, 7075 Aluminum, Ti-6Al-4V

Elastomers included: Soft, medium, and hard compression, plus rebound.

After our first ride, we were quite impressed with the new Flexx handlebars from Fasst Company. The bars have a minimal weight penalty, but provide unmatched performance over rough trails. We plan to swap out the elastomers to further test the feel and tuneability of these bars. Stay tuned for more coverage.

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