Riding THE SMASH V2 by Guerrilla Gravity for the First Time: What Did We Think of Their Update


Guerrilla Gravity isn’t changing anything about the unique modular system they’ve incorporated into their entire full suspension lineup – they’re simply tweaking a few things here and there to make each variation just that much better. With THE SMASH V2, Guerrilla Gravity has listened to their customers and made the changes they’ve been begging for since the beginning


As the same Revved Carbon front triangle is used for all their bikes, it’s the rear end of the bike that has changed. This updated model boasts a reach of either 471mm or 481mm with removable headset cups that offer 10mm of reach adjustment in case you prefer a shorter/longer bike. It also has a 64.7-degree head and 77-degree effective seat tube angles with an increased chainstay length of 6mm over the previous version. The frame sports a threaded bottom bracket, Boost hub spacing, and semi-internal cable routing that’s designed to be easier to work on, and still aesthetically sleek.


THE SMASH we’re testing came with some familiar components including the good old SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain with a carbon Truvative Crankset and SRAM Code RSC brakes featuring 2 200mm rotors. Crankbrothers Synthesis wheels wrapped in Maxxis rubber were a welcome sight as was the BikeYoke Dropper post.

There’s nothing like the trusty SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain. Pair that with the Code RSC brakes and you’ve got an excellent system.


The main change was made in the realm of suspension with multiple tweaks and changes to make a more efficient and effective system. They moved the main pivot location for higher anti-squat numbers while climbing and decreased chain growth deeper in the travel. While the previous Smash had 145mm of rear travel, this new variation boasts 15omm of rear travel which matches the fork travel. With this additional travel and a 5% bump in the progression towards the end of the travel, they’ve achieved a more bottomless feel for smashing through big hits.

A full set of Fox Factory suspension components help bring this bike to life with a Factory 36 fork with the GRIP 2 damper and a Factory FLOAT X out back.

The updated pivot placement allows for higher anti-squat numbers in the climbs and decreased chain growth when deep in the travel


We found THE SMASH to have a balanced feel through whatever we faced. Once we twiddled with the suspension enough to be satisfied, we were pleasantly surprised at its performance on the climbs. The rear end remained glued to the ground on everything from lazy fire roads to technical loose-over-hard-pack sections. It kind of just floated up things we’d normally experience a bit of wheel spin on. In general, the bike felt big, almost like an enduro bike. Its long wheelbase and slack headangle made navigating particularly tight trails a bit of a challenge, but its handling is quick enough to recover adequately in any section.

Similar feelings were experienced when pointing THE SMASH downhill. We enjoyed the sensation of stability and were never in want of traction, even in the desert sand pits we found ourselves smashing through throughout our ride. Again, tight sections were tricky, but the traction the front wheel maintained made this a non-issue as we could still carry enough speed not to tip over even on certain tight switchbacks. Throughout the ride, we were reminded of the Santa Cruz Hightower we tested last year. It’s made to be a similar bike, but THE SMASH is definitely more stable at speed and less willing to get off the ground – not that we had a problem getting off the ground.

TTHE SMASH is an all-around comfortable rig to ride so far, we can’t wait to put a few more miles down.


    • Pre-configured builds
      • 3 standard build kits + 
        • Ride: $4995
        • Rally: $6295
        • Race: $6995
        • 2 color options for each standard build
      • Launch Edition build with custom colorway
        • $6995
    • Frameset & Custom Build
      • Full component option set available 
      • All color options on Frameset & Custom
  • Two additional color options will be available (a red and a blue)
    • Frameset starts at $3295
Of course, it comes in more than just black; this green reminds us of a particular superhero that really likes to SMASH too.


We’re looking forward to more rides on THE SMASH including flipping that headset switch to see what it does to the handling. Until then, we’re going to continue SMASHING trails on this bike with relish. Keep an eye out for the full written review in a future print issue of Mountain Bike Action. Be sure to subscribe so as not to miss everything we have to say about it.



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