First Ride: 2019 Santa Cruz Blur Carbon CC XO1

If you’re a diehard Santa Cruz fan, then you likely remember the Blur — a cross-country bike first introduced in 2002. The Blur transformed over the years until Santa Cruz removed it from the lineup after 2014. Today, the Santa Cruz Blur is a bike designed to blur the lines between modern cross-country racing and lightweight trail capability.

For 2018 the Blur has returned with an all-new attitude, and while it’s still a dedicated cross-country machine, trail riders may gravitate to this new Blur due to its aggressive geometry and improved capability. A wave of longer, lower and more capable cross-country bikes have entered the market in 2018, and this new Blur is designed to compete with them all. Constructed from a full-carbon frame and featuring 100 millimeters of VVP suspension along with a 100-millimeter Fox Step-Cast fork, the Blur offers a lightweight, efficient and playful feel out on the trails. Whether racing or just slacking off, the Blur leaves little to be desired.

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