First Ride: Titanium Black Sheep MTB With 32″ Wheels

The Big Wheeled Dream Machine

Custom Black Sheep With 32-Inch Wheels

Black Sheep introduces an all-new wheel size made to boost fun and draw eyes. With huge 32” wheels and a custom titanium frame, this beauty is ready to rip around town or high in the mountains.

Correction: When we weighed and mounted the wheels of the Black Sheep 32er on the day that we built up the bike, we were convinced that the rims were steel since they felt much heavier than aluminum rims. It turned out we were wrong. The 32er rims are much beefier than standard aluminum rims because the wheels on our 32-inch bike were originally made for unicycles, where all of the rider’s weight has to be carried by one wheel instead of two. As a result, the unicycle rims need to be about twice as strong as bicycle rims, and that was what made the 32-inch rims on our test bike feel much heavier than regular aluminum rims. The positive side to the thicker and heavier aluminum rims is that the wheels on our test bike also proved to be extremely strong and much less likely to bend, dent, or break than lightweight aluminum rims.

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