First Ride Video: 2018 Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt

The 2018 Thunderbolt was constructed from Rocky Mountains Smoothwall Carbon which eliminates excess resin and fibers by using a rigid internal mold opposed to a traditional air bladder. This sophisticated design allows Rocky to deliver an unmatched stiffness to weight ratio. The Thunderbolt features a 4-bar Suspension design deemed Smoothlink. Smoothlink provides a push, yet efficient feel that makes the most out of the Thunderbolts 130mm of travel. Furthermore, the Thunderbolt has a press fit bottom bracket, sealed cartridge bearings, and internal cable routing.

The Thunderbolt is as fast as lighting, whether you’re hammering up a climb or shredding down a descent. Our testers quickly felt comfortable aboard the Thunderbolt, however, dialing in the Ride 9 system can be time-consuming. Once dialed in, however, riders will reap the benefits of a geometry fine-tuned to their liking.

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