Pancake memories

By: Zap

Alan Armstrong founded the Mt. Wilson Mountain Bike Association and helped make trails available to all.

Based solely on his desire to ride his bike in the local mountains, Alan Armstrong created the MWBA in 1985, and nearly 40 years later the organization is still serving pancakes and going strong.
The very first day of trail work in 1986.


Trail days included everything from building water bars and fixing switchbacks to removing random auto-body parts.


Long before a more sanitized look with helmets and uniforms were required, the MWBA was as motley a crew as you’d ever find, but the trail work they did paid big dividends in keeping the trails open for mountain bike use.


In the first few years all the stoves, pancake batter and coffee had to be towed up on bicycle trailers.


The very first pancake breakfast occurred in 1986 when steel frames, rigid forks and cantilever brakes were the norm. The first event attracted 25 people, but the number would swell into the hundreds within a few years.


As much as the pancakes and camaraderie served the purpose of getting people to make the climb up the Mt. Wilson Toll Road to the Henninger Flats campground, eventually the line to buy tickets for the MBA/bike-industry-sponsored schwag raffle became a main draw for many.



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