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Flashback Friday


Bike riders didn’t have the Red Bull Rampage in those days, so they had to come up with other ways to show their stuff.

Flashback Friday

The town of Ellijay, Georgia, was so beautiful and the trails were so good that we still dream about going back there again.

Flashback Friday: MBA, January ’91, Canondale’s First Suspension Bike

Cannondale showed us this bike, their first with rear suspension, at the UCI World Championships in 1990.  Notice that the bike didn’t have front suspension yet, so we can’t call it a full-suspension bike. Paul Turner had recently started making Rock Shox suspension forks in 1990, but Cannondale must have decided to stay with a […]

Flashback Friday: 30 Years Ago

(Click on the  picture to enlarge it and read the copy more easily.) Back in 1990, this was considered one of the most innovative mountain bikes in the world. Check out the elevated chainstays, which had been designed by future Mountain Bike Action editor Richard Cunningham. Check out the pedals, too. Shimano’s SPD pedals and […]