Q. I have a question about old school forks and new school headtubes. I have a fork with a 1 inch steerer and since my Giant is a 1 1/8 Head ube, I either buy a new fork or (since it is a commuter bike) figure out how to put a 1 inch fork into a 1 1/8 inch headtube. I did see on a british bike site, a steerer tube adapter that slides over the steerer tube making it 1 1/8 but I thought I would ask around here first to see if anyone had any experience with such a feat. Also if this is possible what do I do about the headset do I need a 1 inch or will my 1 1/8 work?.
RC: Your best bet is to abandon your one-inch-steerer fork and purchase a standard 1 1/8″ steerer model. The reasons are sound: first, your old fork is probably threaded and not designed for a modern, threadless headset and clamp-type steerer, so you will be creating a longer chain of retrofit problems by trying to keep your old fork. Second, a larger-diameter, unthreaded steerer tube and headset will nearly double the strength of your critical frame/fork interface. Third, the stiffer steerer tube will not flex the headset bearings with each big hit–which causes headsets with one-inch steerers to go out of adjustment on a near-weekly basis. Fourth, you can probably sell your old-school fork on e-Bay for a pretty penny, (providing it was a top-level slider in its day)as there are many restorers out there in need of one.