Garage Files: How To Clean Your Bike Like a Pro

it leftover from the last 6000 bike washes we performed.

6-We like to use two different brushes for a deep bike clean. This one here is a stiff- bristled brush that we’ll use for scrubbing the drivetrain and tires. Start by applying a healthy dose of any generic dish soap to the brush as you would toothpaste to a toothbrush.

7-Then, scrub the rims and tires. You can even scrub the knobbies (we always do) for an extra-clean bike. Repeat this for the second wheel, unless you’re riding a unicycle.

8-Then, spray off the dish soap foam from both wheels. All of the excess dirt and grime should come off with it.

9-Now, re-wet the bike to re-activate the bike wash you sprayed on earlier.

10-Now, go for the second brush in your cleaning kit. This should only be used for the frame and suspension components. By not using this brush on your drivetrain, you avoid…

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