Garage Files: How To Clean Your Bike Like a Pro



spreading grease and grime over your frame and other critical parts.

11-Scrub the entire frame, fork and cockpit area.

12-Scrub behind the crank and in the suspension bearings quickly. It’s better not to spend too much time here, as you don’t want to introduce too much degreaser and water to the bearings—just knock the dirt off.


13-Scrub the cassette and chain by rotating the rear wheel backward and using the brush against the cassette. Keep doing this backward rotation until you’ve scrubbed the whole length of the chain.

14-Use this time to also scrub the derailleurs, pulley wheels and the areas around them. Be especially careful to not spray too much from the drivetrain, as the brake pads could become contaminated if the greasy soap suds land on the disc brake rotor.

15-Secret tip: The back of the fork bridge is often…

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