Garage Files: How To Clean Your Bike Like a Pro



overlooked and is usually caked in dirt. Give it a quick scrub.

16-Use a gentle spray from the hose to take off all the suds. No need for the “laser beam” stream here. A gentle shower will do.

17-Use a compressor (if you have one) to blow off the water left after washing. If you don’t have a compressor, you can leave the bike in the sun to dry too. Be sure to not simply put the bike away wet, though, as it will cause critical points to oxidize and rust.

18-We like to use Maxima’s Suspension Clean formula to take the water spots off the shock body and stanchion tubes after washing. Dried water spots are incredibly abrasive and will prematurely wear your fork and shock seals if they’re not removed after washing.

19-Spray a bike polish, like Maxima’s SC1 Clear Coat, generously on a rag. Do not spray it directly on the frame, as the over-spray could contaminate the brakes or other components.

20-Use the coated rag to take off all…

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