Garage Files: How To Keep Your Derailleur & Cables Finely Tuned



use a shift cable with tape attached to the end of the cable housing when slowly removing the housing. The cable will then act as a guide through the frame when the new housing is ready to install. It’s cheap and effective!

Step 4: Use the old housing as a guide to cut your new housing to length. Of course, if your old housing was too long, your new housing can be cut down to a more appropriate length.

Step 5: Install the cable ends (see top photo) and route the new housing back into its proper place.

Step 6: Confirm the shifter is in a neutral position (no stored shifts). If applicable to your bike, reset the barrel adjuster on the derailleur by turning the adjuster all the way in (clockwise) until it stops. From here, you will want to turn the barrel out one full turn. This is the same for the barrel on the shifter itself.

Step 7: Install new cable through the shifter and make sure the cable head is fully seated. You can do this by cycling through the shifter while lightly pulling on the newly installed cable. Route cable through the housing and through the correct mounting points. We left the old cable still attached, so it would be easy to remember how it routes. Each derailleur can be a little different, but the same concepts can be applied. Once the cable is in line, tighten the cable anchor bolt. Give the shifter a few clicks to get everything…


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