Garage Files: How to Set Suspension Sag With Motool’s Slacker Digital Sag Scale


9. Record your initial measurement. This will allow you to know where you started. Be sure to write down this number and use this as a baseline to make adjustments. Now, it is time to calculate your bike’s maximum travel.


10. Attach a shock pump and note the air pressure. (This will allow you to know where you started.)

11. With a shock pump attached to the air shock, remove all air using the shock pump’s bleed button.

12. Grabbing under the saddle, lift the rear wheel of the bike off the ground. Allow the rear wheel to drop/extend fully, and zero out by pushing the power button once.

13. Push on the saddle to bottom out the suspension. The number displayed is total travel; be sure to record this number (this only needs to be done once per bike).

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