Garage Files: How to Set Suspension Sag With Motool’s Slacker Digital Sag Scale


4. Extend the retractable cable and connect it to the fork adapter. Be sure the main unit is free to rotate to match the retractable cable’s angle.

5. Strap the remote display to the handlebars using the Velcro strap. Connect the remote cable to the main unit. Route the cable so it won’t get caught in the tires or front brake. Connect the remote cable to the remote display. Once connected, the unit will automatically boot up, and the digital readout of the remote display and main unit will turn on.

6. Get on your bike. Notice you can bounce up and down on the suspension, and the number on the digital readouts of the remote display and main unit will fluctuate as you move. Now, stop moving. The number displayed once your body becomes stationary is your initial measurement.

Now, it’s measurement time: You are now calculating sag in real time using the Slacker tool.

The math equation to calculate the shock stroke needed to obtain your target sag is: Total Travel X Target Sag (%) = Shock Stroke. Have a calculator nearby to confirm that the Shock Stroke value shown on the Slacker tool’s digital readout equals your Target Sag calculation.

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