Garage Files: Installing Fox Air-Volume Spacers

Installing Fox Air-Volume Spacers

Fox has volume spacers for each of its products, and they are now color-coded by model. Before you begin, make sure you have the proper set of volume spacers for your suspension. Items you’ll need for this operation include cleaning products, a valve core remover, volume spacers, a pick or dental tool, a strap wrench, and a shock pump.

One of the most inexpensive and beneficial upgrades you can do in the comfort of your own home is set up your bike’s suspension with volume spacers for your specific body weight and riding ability. It is relatively simple to experiment so that you can dial in your suspension for your ideal riding experience. Adding volume spacers makes the shock damping firmer as you push through the stroke. Stiffening the suspension is most valuable to heavier and more aggressive riders. Removing volume spacers allows the shock to push through the stroke evenly with less resistance, providing a plusher feel. Fox has simplified the process of tuning your suspension, and in this month’s “Garage Files,” we will guide you through this uncomplicated process.


The first step is to degrease your shock with rubbing alcohol. Cleanliness is next to godliness for all mechanical functions.

Remove the air-valve cap counterclockwise.

Document your current air pressure for future reference, then release the air using the button on your shock pump.

Loosen the valve core counterclockwise and remove to ensure that all of the air is released from the shock.

If you are unable to break the shock canister free by hand, use a strap wrench.

Turn the shock canister a few degrees until it loosens, and pull up towards the stanchion.

Remove the lockring at the bottom of the canister once it is loose. Use a pick if you are unable to remove it with your fingernails.

Slide the shock canister down opposite the stanchion.

Coat the volume spacers with shock oil and clip them together.

Install the volume spacers in the air chamber.

Add your ideal number of volume spacers. This will depend on your suspension needs and shock model.

Slide the shock canister back into place.

Reinstall the lockring.

Snap the lockring back into place.

Install the valve core clockwise.

Inflate the shock back to your proper sag setting. More than likely, the air pressure will be different depending on the number of volume spacers added or removed.

Install the valve cap clockwise; do not over-tighten.


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