Garage Files: Installing Push Industries’ Coil-Fork Kit

Installing Push Industries’
Coil-Fork Kit

Nothing beats the small-bump compliance and traction of coil-sprung suspension. While many companies may try to sell you on “coil-like performance” from an air spring, there is no substitute for the real thing. Therefore, Push Industries is offering its new ACS3 fork conversion kit, which is a drop-in kit that takes an ordinary Fox 36 (and more models to come) from a standard air spring to coil-sprung sweetness.

The $390 system comes with everything you need to dial in your suspension with tons of different coil-stiffness options, as well as end-stroke and bottom-out performance. The guys at Push are suspension nerds, no doubt about it. Now, you can reap the benefits of their work on your bike.

1. This is the Push ACS3 kit. It comes with a plunger assembly, spring, preload cap, spacers and an adjustable Air Bump Stop that allows the rider to control the end stroke’s bottom- out feel. This kit is available for Fox 36 air forks, but may soon be available for other fork models as well.

2. To begin the installation, remove the air top cap and release all the pressure from the air-spring chamber.

3. Then, use a 32-millimeter socket to remove the air top cap. This is best done with a chamfer-less socket to prevent stripping of the edges. If you don’t have one of these, you can make one by grinding down a standard socket to make it flat on the bottom. If you happen to not have a 32-millimeter socket, this step can also be done with an adjustable wrench, although doing so increases the risk of scratching the crown or stripping the top cap.

4. Remove the upper-air shaft assembly from the fork. It’s normal to hear a slight “pop” when doing this step.

5. Using a 2-millimeter Allen wrench, loosen the setscrew on the red rebound knob. Then, remove it and set it aside.


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