Garage Files: Installing Push Industries’ Coil-Fork Kit


6. Using a 15-millimeter socket, loosen and remove the foot nut on the damper side.

7. Next, use a 10-millimeter socket to remove the foot nut on the air spring side.

8. Now, we must break the air and damper 78 assembly free from the lower legs. This must be done with a tap from a hammer or mallet. On the air spring side, simply tapping on the threaded bit usually works fine. On the damper side, it’s critical that you cover the end with the 15-millimeter socket before hitting it. This prevents damage to the rebound adjustment rod.

9. Once you’ve tapped and broken free the air spring and damper rods, the lower legs should slide off easily. There will be some oil dripping out when you remove them, so be sure to have an oil pan ready.

10. Use a lint-free paper towel and some isopropyl alcohol to clean the entire upper chassis.


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