Garage Files: Installing Push Industries’ Coil-Fork Kit


17. Then, slide the assembly into the bottom of the left stanchion tube. The assembly will seat and stop when fully inserted.

18. Reinstall the original Fox retaining ring. Be sure it’s fully inserted and sitting flat and fully seated. It should “snap” into place.

19. Now, install the spring by sliding it in through the top of the left stanchion tube.

20. Install the preload cap housing onto the spring you just installed. If everything is done correctly, the top of this part should be sitting about 3 millimeters below the top of the left stanchion.

21. Apply a thin coat of suspension grease to the top cap and O-ring on the upper assembly.

22. Insert the upper assembly and Bump Stop and begin to thread it into the top of the stanchion. It’s best to start the threading by hand to avoid stripping the threads if it gets cross-threaded.


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