Garage Files: Installing Push Industries’ Coil-Fork Kit


23. Use a socket to torque the top cap to 200 inch-pounds (22.6 Newton meters).

24. At this point we would typically replace the dust wipers and foam rings, but this is a relatively new fork. If your fork is more than a year old, those seals should be replaced. Once ready, gently slide the lowers back onto the uppers, being careful to keep the seals and foam rings aligned.

25. Once you’ve wiggled the lowers onto the uppers, turn the fork so that it’s pointed up with the lowers halfway installed.

26. Use a large syringe to measure 20cc of fork oil. Push recommends although Fox recommends their own fluid. Either will work well.

27. Inject the 20cc of suspension fluid into the bottom of the fork leg, and then repeat the same process on the other side. Both bottom legs should have 20cc of oil in them.


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