Garage Files: Installing Push Industries’ Coil-Fork Kit


28. Now, fully slide the lowers onto the fork. The threaded ends of the rods should come out on both sides. If they don’t, you can use a pick to guide them into place like so.

29. Install the new foot nut and plastic crush washers on both sides.

30. Then torque the foot nuts down to 50 inch-pounds (5.7 Newton meters)

31. Spray the whole fork down with isopropyl alcohol and clean with a paper towel.

32. Use the 2-millimeter Allen wrench to reinstall the red rebound knob to the bottom of the fork leg. Be sure that the set screw aligns with the slot on the rebound rod when tightening it.

33.Be sure to install some of the included Push decals to the fork to let everyone know you’re rocking the good stuff, and then go hit the trails.

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