Garage Files: Scott’s TwinLoc Suspension System

Scott Sports has gone all-in with handlebar remotes and giving riders the ability to control their suspension and dropper posts with ease. In this “Garage Files” Scott shows us how to re-cable the system to keep your bike running smoothly.

1-TwinLoc is a remote system that Scott has developed for their full-suspension bikes. While it may sound simple, there is a lot going on. All you’ll need for this are a few Allen wrenches, cable cutters and two new shifter cables.

2-Release the tension on the TwinLoc lever to open the suspension. After releasing the cable tension, take a 2mm Allen wrench and detach the fork cable. Use the non-ball end of the wrench.

3-After removing the cable from the fork, take the housing and make sure that it is clean. If there is any grit or debris in the housing, cut a new piece to replace it.

4-Once you’ve checked the housing, push the remote lever into the locked position to free the cable end.

5-A bonus tip after pulling out the shifter cable is to remove the barrel adjuster. Apply a little bit of grease to the threads to keep them from seizing during the winter months.

6-To install the new cable, take a 1.5mm Allen head and remove the cover on the remote. Take care not to lose the bolt. This will make it much easier to install the new cable.

7-The cable stops are labeled under the TwinLoc remote cover. Release the TwinLoc lever to the open position and slide the cable into the fork slot. Make sure the cable end sits snug in the slot.

8-Push the new cable into the housing and route it between the dropper and shock cable housing.

9-Thread the cable through the guide and make sure the housing ferrule sits snug. Pull the shifter cable taut and screw the anchor bolt in to 1.5 N/m. Engage and release the cable tension a few times to loosen up the cable. Take up the extra slack with the barrel adjuster.

10-Moving to the shock, undo the cable anchor bolt and clip the end of the cable. This will allow the cable to move through the housing smoothly. Slowly pull the old cable out.

11-Feed the new cable into the remote and then into the housing. Before installing the cable, take a minute to lube the threads on the barrel adjuster like with the fork. Pull the cable taut to seat the end in the lever.

12-This is where the process gets a little more complicated. In some cases you’ll have to remove the shock to get the cable through. Loosen the trunnion bolts and pivot bolts to remove the shock completely.

13-With the shock off, remove the seal and noodle from the top of the bottom bracket shell. This will allow you to push the housing through for easier access to the cable.

14-Guide the housing through the port and connect it to the noodle and seal. Take the shock and thread the cable through the guide. With the cable routed, push the seal back into the port.

15-Reinstall the shock and loop the cable around the compression knob. Install the cable anchor and make sure the barrel adjuster takes up the extra slack.

16-Trim the excess cable length, and make sure it’s short enough to clear the bottom shell when moving. Crimp the end to keep the cable from fraying and go hit the trails.


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