Garage Files – The Ultimate Tool Kit


Do you have the right tools for the job

The Park Tool AK-38 Advanced Mechanic tool kit is pretty close to complete and will serve any aspiring home mechanic well. It includes nearly everything you need to not only work on your steed.

Three-way wrenches are some of the most used tools on any bench. They offer tons of leverage and are quick to use compared to a traditional L-shaped Allen or Torx wrench.

A chain whip and cassette lockring tool are essentials for any home mechanic. You can’t remove or install a cassette without them. We added a properly sized crescent wrench to the kit to use the lockring tool with the chain whip.

Sharp cable cutters leave your cables un-frayed, and chain link pliers make removal of stubborn master links a breeze.

Park makes the best spoke wrenches. Period. If you’re using something else to true your wheels, you’re using something inferior.

Park’s BBT-9 tool allows for bottom bracket cup removal and also includes a tool for tightening or removing Shimano- style X-type bottom bracket-bearing preload caps.

A chain tool is essential for not only repairing a damaged chain, but also installing a new one. We like the Park one for its simplicity and compatibility with several chain sizes.

Screwdriver—another essential. Be sure to invest in a solid Phillips head and a couple flat heads of multiple sizes. Small Phillips-head drivers are less useful for most bike applications.

This tool kit was refined over many years on the road by a professional mechanic. It’s capable of handling nearly any repair on the fly and weighs in at a hefty 50 pounds. Not every mechanic needs to go this big, but the ones who do probably already know.


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