Garage Files: Things Even Good Mechanics Can Miss


they should be. These buggers can come loose and fall out easily. If that happens on a ride, you’re walking home. Be sure to put a torque wrench on them every month or so to be sure they are tight. Most new bikes have the torque ratings laser-etched right on the bolt to make the process easy.


6-Cables should always be capped, but occasionally a mechanic will forget this last step when replacing a cable. As a result, your cable could end up looking like this after only one ride.

7-Every cable (with the exception of Campy road cables) is wound clockwise. Usually, you can “unfray” a cable by simply twisting it clockwise with your fingers. If the cable has been frayed for quite a while, this may be a futile effort.


8-Our frayed cable was also cut too long, so we were able to save it by winding the top portion and cutting the bottom portion off. Cables should be cut no longer than an inch from the cable anchor bolt. The cut should be made with a sharp pair of cable cutters to prevent further fraying.

9-There are many types of cable caps out there, and we prefer the smallest ones available. They not only seem to hold the cable better, but also look more slick.

10-When installing the cable crimp,…

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