Most suspension bikes should have their fork and shock serviced at least once a year, and even more often if you ride frequently in harsh or wet conditions. That service involves disassembling the fork or shock and changing the internal oils that make those precision parts work. Suspension bikes can benefit from this service whenever parts get gritty and creaky from the elements.

This is the “suspension refresh,” and it’s a procedure that GooseWorks Mobile Bike Tuning  recommends to their riders. It doesn’t involve special tools or computer diagnostics. All it requires is a little know-how and gumption to get in there and clean it out. If your suspension is feeling creaky and tired from all those hard miles, this “Garage Files” is for you.


2. We are working on the suspension linkage, and it’s best to do that with as little weight on the bike as possible. Start by putting the bike in the repair stand and removing both wheels.