Garage Files: Time For A Suspension Refresh



3. We are going to work with this Santa Cruz Hightower’s upper link for this procedure. Santa Cruz uses two different types of fasteners for this one link, both of which are used on many other types of full-suspension bikes.


4. The lower link pin is a Collet style, which uses a bolt and conical expander wedge to hold it in place. To remove the whole pin, start by removing the bolt and expander wedge. This particular bolt is a 5mm Allen head, and the wedge piece came out with no problem.


5. If you have removed the bolt and the conical wedge is still in there, you can use the end of the Allen wrench to free the wedge. Set these parts aside for now.


6. Now that the wedge is removed, the larger Allen head on the main pivot is exposed. Use the correct Allen wrench to turn the pin counterclockwise as far as it will go. This bike uses an 8mm Allen.

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