Garage Files: Time For A Suspension Refresh



11. Now it’s time for some elbow grease. Pick your favorite degreaser and spray some on a clean rag or towel. We like to use Maxima’s Suspension Clean because it doesn’t leave any residue to contaminate the clean grease we’re going to use later.


12. We also like to use a cloth rag instead of paper towels, because they do a better job cleaning without the paper waste. Spend some time cleaning the bearing surfaces and getting all the grit off.


13. Do the same with the frame surfaces, and remove as much grit and grime as possible. The cleaner you can get these areas, the less likely they are to creak when reassembled.


14. With all your bolts and rocker clean, it’s time for reassembly. We have arranged the parts roughly in order to make sure we haven’t misplaced anything in the cleaning process.


15. For replacing spacers, we like to “dip” them like a chip in a bowl of guacamole. The goal is to get enough grease on the spacers so it will hold them in place during the reassembly.


16. Use your small dab of grease as “adhesive,” and position the spacers in the rocker on the bearings. Some spacers, like these, have a directional shape. Be sure they go back in the rocker the same way they came out.

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