Garage Files: Time For A Suspension Refresh



21. Use a liberal amount of grease on the shaft of the bolt and threads to prepare for reassembly. Some frame manufacturers require the use of a thread-locking compound to keep the pins in place. Check your owner’s manual for specifics on your frame linkage.


22. Reinstall the pin and tighten using the correct-size Allen wrench. Since this is a Collet system, tightening the pin is a two-step process. This first step only preloads the bearings and doesn’t require much torque.


23. Using our Feedback Range torque wrench and an 8mm bit, we tightened this pin to 3 N/m of torque. For reference, that’s just over half the torque you should use on your stem bolts, which is not very much.


24. Prepare the Collet wedge and bolt for reassembly. The wedge piece should be greased, as should the threads of the bolt.


25. Reinstall the Collet, and then use your torque wrench to finish tightening the bolt to hold the pivot pin in place. This 5mm Collet bolt should be torqued to 8 N/m, which is more than a stem bolt but much less than a crank bolt.


26. Finally, tighten the upper rocker bolts with a torque wrench and finish the job. Your linkage is all set and ready to ride!

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