Garage Files – MilKit’s Tubeless Injector

Tubeless tires ride better, but they’re not without their drawbacks. Sure, they protect against dreaded pinch flats and allow riders to run insanely low pressures, resulting in improved traction and a suppler ride, but the sealant is inherently fickle. The sealant that makes most tubeless tires possible can and will dry in the wrong places, clogging valves or drying out before you even have a puncture. Working on tubeless tires can also be a messy and frustrating endeavor. The MilKit system looks to solve these problems with special sealant-proof valves and tools to measure sealant levels without removing the tire. The MilKit system is available through Amazon for $56.

1- The MilKit comes with two special valves and a measuring and refilling device that looks like a syringe. MilKit claims these valves are compatible with all standard tubeless-compatible rims. We supplied the TruckerCo Cream sealant that we’ll install in our tubeless tires. The MilKit system works with any sealant brand.

2-The MilKit valve is different than any other tubeless valve. It features a removable core with a special cover that allows you to take it apart without losing air pressure. This removable core also allows you to install tire sealant without removing the bead of the tire once installed.

3-Start by installing the special MilKit valves. This requires you to remove at least one side of the tire from the rim, like with any other tubeless-valve installation.

4-If done properly, you should be able to leave one side of the tire on the rim like so.

5-Remove the old tubeless valve. If your wheels were already set up tubeless, there’s no need to replace the old tape, although it’s a good time to check to make sure everything is still in good shape.

6-We also like to clean out any dried sealant that may be inside the tire before replenishing it. A shop rag works well for this.

7-Install the MilKit valve into the valve hole, and thread the valve nut onto the stem. No need to use a wrench or pliers here. Finger-tight is all you need.

8-With the valve installed, reinstall the tire onto the rim.

9-Now, using the included valve core tool, remove the core and set it aside in a safe place.

10-We’re ready to put sealant in the tire. Be sure to throughly shake the bottle to mix the particles before using.

11-Now, put your MilKit syringe kit together. The hoses screw together with the plastic fittings included inside the syringe.

12-Fill the syringe with your preferred sealant. Our TruckerCo instructions recommended 2 ounces for our 27.5×2.35-inch Maxxis High Roller tires.

13-Insert the syringe hose into the valve all the way. This will open the valve and allow the sealant to pass into the tire.

14-Gently push the plunger to force the fluid into the valve.

15-Remove the hose from the valve, and use the hand tool to reinstall the valve core. No need to go very tight on this one.

16-Re-inflate the tire and you’re ready to ride. We like to use a compressor to seat the beads. A tool like the Prestaflator makes this process a snap.

17-The MilKit system can also be used to measure the level of sealant in a tire. To do this, begin by removing the valve core, and deflate the tire to about 5–10 psi.

18-Be sure the valve on the syringe hose is closed before putting the hose into the valve.

19-If you make the mistake of putting the hose into the valve before closing the syringe valve, like we did here, the pressure from the tire will blow the plunger out and make a big mess.

20-When done properly, the syringe can draw up the sealant in the bottom of the tire to check levels.

21-If you’re running low, you can simply refresh the supply using the previous steps.

22-Reinstall the valve core, re-inflate your tire to your desired pressure and hit the trails.

23-Be sure to rinse your MilKit system with water to keep it ready for use the next time.


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