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Bike shops have been busier than ever during the recent boom in popularity of mountain biking. With supplies being limited, bikes and components are highly sought after, and some shops experiencing long wait times for maintenance. In light of this, we thought it would be helpful to cover some basic maintenance that can be done […]

Simple Steps for a Better Fit

Getting a proper bike fit from a trained individual at a bike shop is expensive. It typically costs around $200, but don’t go out and spend your hard-earned cash just yet. We’ve got a few suggestions. Before we explain what changes you can make, there is one main factor that can’t be changed that must […]

Installing Mountain Bike Tire Insert Video: Mynesweepers

Tire Inserts are becoming an important addition to any tubeless setup. Riders are finding they can run lower pressures giving them more traction and at the same time, some inserts also provide rim protection. There are many options being developed that vary in price. In this short video, we hang out with Brian Parker of […]