A five star mountain bike helmet with advanced protection technology


Tech features:

There is so much technology packed into helmets these days, and Giro is at the forefront of that technological development. An excellent example of that development comes in the form of Giro’s Merit Spherical helmet.

Spherical technology is a ball-in-socket design that works with the popular MIPS technology to create an inner foam shell that is independent of the outer shell. This inner shell is designed to remain in place on the user’s head, while the outer shell rotates around it under heavy impact to keep the head stable to minimize the possibility of a brain or neck injury.

The Roc Loc micro-adjustable fit system allows the wearer to tighten the helmet securely around the crown of the head. Other features include integrated eyewear grippers, an advanced ventilation system, an adjustable screw-in visor and Iconic+ padding with odor protection. This helmet is available in five colors, three different sizes and in both men’s and women’s versions. It’s worth noting that the Merit was subject to a recall in mid 2023 but that only effected those manufactured before January of 2023.

Field test results:

We found this helmet to be very comfortable and breathable right out of the box. It was easy to adjust so it fit securely on our heads without any uncomfortable pressure points. Our previous experiences with Spherical technology were positive, and the trend continued with the Merit Spherical. We’ve gotten used to most modern helmet straps coming together with a Fidlock buckle, so the pinch buckle seemed a little bit old-fashioned while wearing it.

We like how the helmet fit and looks for the most part. It’s not a very flashy design and looks relatively ordinary as far as half-shells are concerned, but we enjoy how it isn’t bulky and doesn’t make the rider look like they were wearing a balloon on their head.

The visor began to loosen up after a month or so of riding, but its tool-less bolts were easy to tighten back up with only the use of our fingers. The most important thing we noticed while wearing this helmet was how well it breathed while climbing. We never felt hot or stuffy in the helmet, even in severely hot conditions. It was always comfortable no matter when we wore it, which made it an easy choice for longer days in the saddle.


• Comfortable fit
• Low-profile design
• Good safety features
• Easily adjustable visor bolts
• Well ventilated


• None


Weight: 371 grams
Price: $220

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