Giving A New Meaning To “Headlight”

You know what a hassle it can be to mount a helmet light for your night rides. Uvex knows this too and teamed with Lupine (a light supplier) to come up with a helmet light mounting system that eliminates the weird brackets and straps necessary for most helmet light systems. The result is that now every model in the uvex Supersonic LX helmet line comes ready to mount the Lupine Piko U3 lighting system.

The light with bracket snap onto any uvex Supersonic LX helmet. A small battery can be attached to the rear of the helmet so no wires dangle between your head and your body.

Lupine’s Piko U3 power LED lamp can be snapped-on to the uvex Supersonic LX helmet. Spacers allow adjustment and reduces vibration. The Lupine Piko U3 offers multiple programmable lighting modes for different conditions and requirements. The light’s battery can be attached to the helmet using a special adapter. If you prefer to carry a larger battery in your hydration pack, an extension cable is available. The uvex Supersonic LX helmet costs $139, while the matching LED lighting system, compatible with this helmet only, will set you back $310. You can get more information on uvex helmets by clicking here. You can get more information about Lupine’s Piko U3 by clicking here.

The light’s mounting bracket is easy to install and remove.