GoodYear Launches New Line of Bicycle Tires

Nascar to bicycles, Goodyear does it all

If there’s one company that knows a thing or two about tires, it’s Goodyear. The company is passionate about tires and strives to innovate and develop class-leading products for a variety of applications. In fact, Goodyear not only helps millions of motorists travel to and from their destinations, they also design tires for heavy-duty trucks, airplanes, Zambonis, and a variety of high-powered motorsports. Goodyear can even boast about manufacturing tires that have rolled on the moon. All that said, you’re probably wondering why Goodyear decided to enter the bicycle market.
Well, back in 1898, the Goodyear name first appeared on a bicycle tire and now 120 years later Goodyear has returned to its roots to provide a full line of performance bicycles tires for road, transit, all-terrain and mountain bike applications. We’ll spare you the details of Goodyears road and commuters tires, because let’s face it, road riding is like commuting to the trails, but you never get there. Goodyear announced four new tires for mountain bikers designed to cover a broad segment from cross-country to downhill. The Peak, the Escape, the Newton and the Newton ST.

Peak: The Peak is Goodyear’s cross-country specific tire designed to crush climbs, minimize rolling resistant, and increase speed. The Peak is available in both 29 and 27.5-inch sizes and has a width of 2.25 inches. Goodyear designed the tire with EDM, (Electronic Discharge Molding) as well as, siping on each knob for improved mud clearing. The Peak retails for $60-$70.

Escape: The Escape is an everyday trail tire designed with wide spaced square knobs for improved grip and EDM for improved mud clearing. Goodyear offers the Escape in two width — 2.35 and 2.6. Both 27.5 and 29-inch models are available and have a retail price of $65-$80.

Newton: The Newton is the tire of choice for enduro and downhill riders. It features deep tread, stout side knobs and two casing options —EN (Enduro) and DH (Downhill). Both casing options are available in 27.5 and 29-inch models with widths of 2.4 and 2.6. The Newton retails for $70-$90.

Newton ST: The Newton ST is designed to maximize cornering performance while retaining the same aggressive qualities of the Newton. Downhill and Enduro racers will likely want to run the Newton ST as a front tire and a Newton in the rear. The ST is available in the same casing options and sizes as the Newton. The ST shares the same price range as well.

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