GT Bicycles’ Movie Premiere “Full-Travel”

After over two years of production and interviews, the video  “FullTravel-GT’s Suspension Development Story” will premiere full-length (50 minutes) for 24 hours only on April 23, 2020 at 8pm EST. It will be screened on GT’s Facebook page.


The  film captures the history of one of the sport’s more successful full-suspension designs by talking to everyone from designer Jim Busby to racers like Hans Rey, Brian Lopes, and Mike King. Included is Juli Furtado who recounts her famous ride aboard her GT RTS to a gold medal in the downhill at the 1992 world championships at Bromont, Canada.

Here is the link with the trailer video:
After the full-length version screens, it will be broken up in to 5 separate parts aired one week apart.



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