Help Make Orange County Great Park, Great For Cyclist.

Orange County cyclist are asking for your help. The former Marine Corps base, El Toro is being transformed into the Orange County Great Park. This new park will be accessible to millions of Southern California residents. The City of Irvine is taking suggestions for how to develop the final phase of Orange County Great Park. Mayor Pro Tem Schott told Tim Lane, the owner of DirtBaggies and an avid cyclist, that the best way to appeal is by writing letters. Tim wrote to each of his five City Councilmembers and has allowed us to share his letter with the hope that it will inspire others to write their own. Please get involved and help bring the joys of cycling to Orange County Great Park.

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I am writing to request that bicycle facilities be included in The Great Park. Only a small area would be needed, perhaps half the size of a soccer field, to accommodate a BMX race track, a Mountain Bikers “Pump Track” and a skate bowl (which would be used by both Skateboarders and BMX freestyle- riders).

Cycling is very important to the lifestyle of my family, infinitely more so than field sports. It is an activity that my child enjoys and can be included in a healthy adult lifestyle much more easily than any sport which relies upon the presence of an entire team of players.

I operate two bicycling businesses in Irvine, and rely upon the large bicycle companies which operate in Irvine (Shimano USA Headquarters, Oakley Global Headquarters, Felt Bicycles Global Headquarters, Bosch, retail bicycle stores and many more).

I expect that a bicycle facility would engage nearly continuous use, something that is not true for most sports fields.

About 10 years ago Irvine was named the most bicycle friendly city in the USA, I feel it could be again. Bicycling enjoys a very high participation rate in Irvine. Encouraging youth and family participation will no doubt foster bicycle commuting, which is beneficial in so many ways, and would relieve traffic in The Great Park.

Finally, the emblem of the Great Park Neighborhoods is a bicycle (shown below), and I understand that home buyers in The Great Park Neighborhoods receive complementary bicycles.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 2.28.36 PM


Tim Lane

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