Hilarious “Five Best Mountain Bikes For Men” List From Yahoo! Sports

This may be the best reason we’ve ever seen why you should rely on good old Mountain Bike Action for your mountain biking information. You have to check out the story posted on Yahoo! Sports that guides would-be riders towards the bike of their dreams. The problems start right away when they suggested the Ibis Mojo HD by saying it “is available for $2,400 at most sporting goods stores and retail stores as well as online.” Hate to let them in on the news, but that $2400 only gets you a frame and shock. Also, don’t think we’ve seen many Mojos in the local Big 5.

The list includes a Marin, Jamis and two Diamondbacks. All those brands offer good bikes, but no mention of any model from Specialized, Giant, Trek or Cannondale?

You can get a laugh by clicking here.

If you can find this bike for $2400 at a sporting goods store, buy it.

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